HOLT — A family seeking to build a house in Holt will now have to seek a variance, which will require a public hearing, after aldermen denied a building permit for a single-family residence due to it not meeting the Holt's zoning regulations for lot depth.

According the permit application, Sherrie Dray of Dray Homebuilding seeks to build a single-family house on Cleveland Street.

While considering the application at their Aug. 6 board meeting, city leaders said the application had to be denied because the depth of the lot is roughly 91 feet and city ordinance requires the depth to be at least 100 feet.

“It's an automatic nonapproval because of the ordinance,” said Mayor Stewart Wells, adding the family can seek a variance.

City Clerk Casey Franke said before aldermen can decide to grant a variance or deny it, a public hearing must be held where neighbors can provide public comment on the project. The hearing must be publicized in a local newspaper for at least seven days before it is held.

Dray said the family plans to seek the variance.

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