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HOLT — After years of planning, saving and identifying the city’s biggest problem areas by Holt city leaders, residents will soon see $52,000 in repairs to more than a dozen roadways in the city.

“We hope to get underway this year, that’s the definite goal,” said Mayor Stewart Wells. “There would have to be something really big, so kind of catastrophically for us not to get it going this year and here soon.”

Last month the city hired a new public works employee who has been doing prep work for coming chip and seal work of roughly 13 roadways. Preparation work includes filling potholes, cleaning out culverts and making sure recent heavy rains have not damaged road beds and preexisting infrastructure.

Once work begins, the following roadway areas will be chipped and sealed:

• Main Street from Third Street to the new blacktop and from County Line Road to Clay Street;

• County Line Road to Missouri Highway 33;

• First Street from County Line Road to Highway 33;

• Second Street from County Line Road to Highway 33;

• Third Street from Fourth Street to Highway 33;

• Fifth Street from Franklin Street to Highway 33;

• Sixth Street from Franklin Street to Highway 33;

• Cleveland Street from Misty Lane to Highway 33;

• Misty Lane from Cleveland Street to the dead end;

• Dykes Lane from Cleveland Street to Walnut Place;

• Walnut Place from Ellington Street to the dead end;

• Ellington Street from Cherry Street to County Line Road; and

• Shanks Road from Water Street to Highway 33.

“Some areas will receive two coats as deemed necessary by Approved Paving, LLC out of Atchison, Kansas,” said City Clerk Casey Franke of the company contracted to do the work.

Wells said city leaders are excited to make some progress on the longstanding street issues in Holt.

“... It’s been a long time coming. Anybody that lives in Holt knows we’ve had problems with the roads forever,” he said.

Managing Editor Amanda Lubinski can be reached at or 903-6001.

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