LIBERTY — Drivers in Liberty will soon see some roadway improvements.

Liberty City Council approved one contract to assess pavement while a second will be used to handle four miles of scheduled overlay this spring at the council meeting, Monday, March 11. A third joint issue will also improve the roadway of the older part of South Liberty Parkway.

Public Works Director Andy Noll said staff from Transmap Corp. will drive all the lanes through the city to record pavement quality.

“This will allow us to prioritize our annual overlay and have the best impact,” he said. “We can make modifications after this is completed and use it as the basis for the overlay plan.”

Noll told the council the price tag of $63,687, when broken down to the five-year lifespan of the assessment delivered as a software package, is about $12,738 a year.

“Considering we make a million-dollar investment annually, that seems a good return,” he said.

Unfortunately, the software package that will capture all the roadway data will not be ready for this year's overlay work, Noll said, but assured the council it will be good for five to six years.

“We will have good, empirical data to serve as that helpful instrument for us,” Mayor Lyndell Brenton said.

While the city will not have this data until later this year, Noll said city staff knows work is needed on Mill Street.

“We also have to comply with curb ramps as those need to be upgraded to current code,” he said. “It's hard prioritizing expenses and not seeking out the roads first that see the most traffic, but we can make the changes later.”

Noll added data gathering to assess this year's overlay came from staff driving the area as well as input from crew driving plows during winter months. The contract with Superior Bowen Asphalt Co. LLC for the 2019 street maintenance pavement restoration project is $1,023,000.

Mill Street improvements will go almost from Terrace Avenue to Spring Avenue after it becomes Richfield Road.

The council also approved chip and seal for South Liberty Parkway from Interstate 35 to Withers Road, which was constructed about a dozen years ago as well as the striping of the roadway. The contract with Vance Brothers Inc. is $106,180 and the contract with K&G Striping is $18,980.

Southeast Editor Kellie Houx can be reached at or 389-6630. 

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