Sidewalks visible along Highway 92 in Kearney

New sidewalks are now in place in front of Porter Ridge Apartments along one of Kearney’s heavily trafficked areas along Missouri Highway 92. The project is part of roadway safety improvements that will add and replace sidewalks from Marimack Drive to Missouri Highway 33 along Highway 92.

KEARNEY — Additions of sidewalks and curbing along Missouri Highway 92 in one of the busiest areas of Kearney are now visible. As of Monday, June 17, sidewalks are in place in front of Porter Ridge Apartments.

The project is part of work being done to create and replace sidewalks along a half mile of Highway 92’s east side from Missouri Highway 33 to Marimack Drive.

“The Highway 92 project is progressing well,” said Mayor Randy Pogue Monday. “... We went out there and toured the area and the project, and residents are already using the portion available. It’s good to see.”

Work began this spring after rights of way were secured and other preparation work was done late last year.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is also working on a companion project to add a turn lane at Porter Ridge Road, also leading into Porter Ridge Apartments. The improvement project includes roadwork along the highway between Marguerite Street and Porter Ridge Road.

Kearney’s Board of Aldermen approved a funding agreement with MoDOT for the work in December 2017 and the project went to bid in October of 2018.

The total project cost is estimated at just more than $1 million, with the city’s responsibility at about $741,000 and MoDOT’s at about $290,000. The city is receiving a Surface Transportation Grant of $366,640 to offset costs.

City Administrator Jim Eldridge and Community Development David Pavlich said work is expected to be completed this fall.

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