Depending on who you speak with, nerds and geeks are two pejorative words. For others, it is a world-class badge of honor. It’s one that I wear with pride.

I embrace my geekness with all the silliness and awkwardness I can muster.

My daughter has said from time to time that I am “adorkable.” This is a blending of dork and adorable. Now, she might be a bit prejudiced to me as I am her mom, but she is the sort of young lady who doesn’t really pull any punches as she often tells it like it is.

Nationally, a fairly new observance has hit the calendars – Embrace Your Geekness Day on Saturday, July 13. The date just happens to be my birthday.

In the realm of geek, there are several movies that simply fit. On’s list of Best Geek Movies, “Star Wars” comes in first. It’s not a surprise that many geeks are science fiction/fantasy fans. For many of us, the movies are dear friends and a means to escape.

Others enjoy the quotability of some of the films, and as geeks, we work them into everyday speech. Some are “The Princess Bride” and “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” A few others are “WarGames,” “Weird Science,” “Labyrinth,” “Real Genius,” “Short Circuit,” “The Breakfast Club” and “Sixteen Candles.”

Being a geek is something to be proud of, and for many, it might be having a peculiar passion for something off the wall. For me, it’s costuming in films and television. I have no degree in such, but I have more than a passing fancy to study costuming and see what is right and what is wrong.

As an example, I get bummed out if armor is wrong. A knight’s armor in the Middle Ages was extremely expensive to produce. It had to be tailor-made to fit the knight. If most soldiers were lucky, they had leather armor, a helmet and maybe a shield.

To explain that geekness a bit more, I was the kid at the library, reading everything I could about a specific subject. I would take a summer before I started working and would read as much as I could get my hands on. One summer, it was all about the Middle Ages, knights and courtly love. I am a huge fan of Eleanor of Aquitaine, who became queen of France and England. She is also credited with establishing many of the courtly rituals of chivalry.

Nowadays, I try to flaunt my geeky nature. I play Dungeons and Dragons still. It’s been about three decades plus that I played my first game and I love to use my imagination. I also knit. I’m not an advanced knitter by any stretch, but I enjoy patterns and creativity.

When we travel, it’s all about museums and forts. It’s immersive history at its best, sometimes to the chagrin of family.

If embracing your geekness isn’t enough, July 13 is also National French Fry Day, so enjoy either or both. Let me also wish anyone else with a July 13th birthday, the happiest and geekiest day ever.

Southeast Editor Kellie Houx can be reached at or 389-6630.

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