Adam Burns

Your newest sports editor is here, and it’s a bit of a reunion in a sense. Call it a small world because, well, the journalism community is just that.

It was nearly five years ago when I logged my first hours with News-Press Gazette Company, the CT’s parent company, serving as a part-time sports writer at the St. Joseph News-Press. My first assignment? Cover Chiefs training camp alongside some of the best sports writers in the business. That’s all.

Since then, I have unlocked a number of accomplishments, to name a few: graduate, notch full-time employment, accept a higher-paying job, marry my best friend and become a father.

No accomplishments have impacted me as much as the latter two. Family is everything to me. So when my wife was offered a job back in our hometown of Overland Park, Kansas, we didn’t waste much time in returning to our roots.

I left a great gig at the Joplin Globe without a job offer in hand. I thought I knew the risks involved, but I didn’t know I’d spend nearly nine months away from full-time employment.

So I’m thrilled to cover three passionate athletic communities in Liberty, Kearney and Smithville. I received an introduction into prep sports in the Northland as a part-timer at the Platte County Citizen during this past winter sports season, where I assisted the man that hired me on at the St. Joseph News-Press in 2014, Cody Thorn.

Then there’s Randy Speer, who encouraged me to apply for this position. Randy, as you might know, is the Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal sports editor, who helped fill the CT sports pages this spring and summer. He was also the man who replaced me in two roles once I graduated, sports editor of the Benedictine College student newspaper and sports writer at the News-Press.

It’s funny how these things work, but in reality it’s exactly how it should work. Family takes care of family. And that’s what Cody and Randy have done for me.

There are plenty of other thank yous to be issued, particularly to my family and close friends who offered prayers and guidance while I shopped for meaningful employment. And, of course, to the staff at the Courier-Tribune who have entrusted me with the responsibility of putting together a strong sports section in print and online.

So here I am today, back with NPG, in a new role where I’ll have the opportunity to cover some fantastic people and athletic departments. I hope you join me for the ride.

Work does not define me; my faith and family do. But the people I work for are in the forefront of my mind. That’s you, the readers. So, please, when I drop in for an event in your city, come say hello. I have email and a Twitter account, too.

Don’t be shy. I certainly won’t be. See you soon.

Sports Editor Adam Burns can be reached at or 389-6643.​

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