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Breakfasts and lunches don’t have to be complicated, especially during the school year. While every parent wants to send their children off with a full stomach and an eager mind, mornings can be hectic.


As back-to-school time begins, parents and children are inundated with must-dos like buy school supplies, learn bus routes and find out what immunizations are required for public school. However, there are other important factors that should also be considered to prepare students for success…

This summer there’s good news for parents of high school-age athletes. The Missouri State High School Activities Association has issued a rule change for pre-sports physicals. While young athletes still should be seen annually for wellness exams, the physical exam portion now will be active …

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With the turn of the calendar from July to August, plenty of change quickly hits families. Vacations come to a halt and preparations for the new school year are in full force.

During a stroke, 2 million brain cells die each minute and blood flow to the brain is blocked. When it comes to a heart attack, every minute without blood flow causes irreversible damage to the heart muscle. Getting to the emergency department immediately following a trauma is critical.

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With rising temperatures, longer days and the sun beating down, medical professionals emphasize the importance of protecting oneself against heat-related illness.


What makes a happy camper? First and foremost, it might be defined as being a prepared camper, and that preparation takes place well before any trip is taken.