When the forecast calls for rain, sleet, snow or frigid sub-zero temps like we've experienced lately in Minnesota, don't let old man winter keep you inside. Try something new with your kids that you'll never forget. Like ice fishing!

February is National Heart Month, so it's a great time to make a change for better heart health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, with stroke coming in fifth, according to the American Heart Association. Both of these conditions result when blood flow is reduced or stopped altogether. But there are steps people can take to reduce the risk.

Who doesn't like receiving a little compliment now and then? Positive, sincere words are an affirmation of actions and intent, and they give the recipient a boost, sometimes just when least expected. Blush! Face it — validation from others just makes us feel good and creates that internal glow.

I love preparing a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day. Cooking is one of the ways I show my love for my sweet husband, Michael. We've been married for 45 years, so I've had plenty of opportunities to create romantic meals, from breakfast in bed to late-night fireside suppers.

It was a very cold day. How cold was it? When I tossed a pitcher of water up into the air from our Minneapolis front door a couple of weeks ago, fireworks of ice crystals instantly appeared and exploded in all directions. I braved opening the door again because I couldn't resist blowing multitudes of soap bubbles to observe flash-frozen icy spheres dance as they descended and bounced on the ground.

For the past few years, we've gone to our friends' home to watch the Super Bowl. Since they live an hour away, I like to take along snacks that are simple to make, travel well, and best of all, are easy for guests to serve themselves. The cheering, jeering and excitement can create a hearty appetite, and no one wants to miss a minute of the game while grabbing something to eat. These easy appetizers will satisfy the biggest football fans without taking the host or hostess away from the game.

Maybe you're one of those people who can't stomach the thought of a meal the first thing in the morning, or maybe you've become accustomed to running on vats of coffee instead of a healthy breakfast. Sometimes traditional breakfast foods sound kind of blah. Who made the rules on breakfast foods anyway?

Ice is nice! Especially when you create a warm welcome to your home with a creative, icy greeting on a dark winter's night. From popular snowball-size ice candles to large blocks, they all sparkle and glow to line a pathway to your front door.

Let it snow, wherever you live, with this colorful watercolor art project your young kids will enjoy indoors on a wintry day this month. Grains of salt sprinkled over watercolor drawings mimic snowflakes to change your budding artist's landscape drawing.

A new year brings about a desire for change, so let's start with your health! When it comes to our daily meal routine, change can sometimes be challenging. Studies have shown that it takes from two to eight months to form a new habit. You can create a positive eating "habit" by making small changes over time, like eliminating sugary drinks and high-sodium foods.

Last month's holiday celebrations have passed, but perhaps one tradition hangs on. How many of us have put into practice the resolutions we shared with others before the stroke of midnight New Year's Eve? Hmmm, not as easy to accomplish as hoped?

The start of a new year means that many students are headed back to college. One of the downsides of college life is the dreaded "freshman 15" — the extra pounds that many students gain from poor eating habits. Establishing good eating habits as a college student may help form the basis for how and what you eat later in life.

This is the time of year when many people start diets. But after a few weeks of not getting enough to eat or eating food that does not taste good, most dieters give up, having "failed" once again. The truth is, though, it is the diets that are the failures, not the people who try them.

Planning a party with friends and family on New Year's Eve? This year, make it easy by turning your buffet table into an informal appetizer table. Let guests bring their favorite hors d'oeuvres, and you'll no doubt have a selection of tastes and delights for every age. Somehow it just happens.

The shopping and wrapping are done, the tree is decked out with lights and tinsel. You’ve hung the holly and you’ve frosted the cookies, and now you’re ... a bit tired of watching the same old Christmas movies and hearing the same carols on the radio. How about taking a leaf from our ancesto…

When it’s cold outside, start up the fireplace, get your favorite slippers on, wrap up in a warm blanket and snuggle on the couch with this delicious White Hot Chocolate. Find more recipes at Culinary.net.

Whether we're children or adults, we all like to feel useful and part of holiday festivities. Now is the time to enlist the kids in some projects! Stamping is one of the easiest and rewarding. Here are some ideas that can be mixed and matched to put your own stamp on a new holiday tradition.

My mother made a fruitcake every Christmas to give as a gift for my paternal grandmother. The cake was stored in a corner of the refrigerator for weeks, marinating in an alcohol-infused mixture. Even though I'm well known for my love of sweets, that green and red candied fruit-studded, boozy brown confection never tempted me.

Whether you’re huddled around the fireplace, gathered at the table or strolling through a winter wonderland, the holidays are all about enjoying pure and memorable moments with family and friends. With all of the seasonal gatherings, you can certainly expect that almost any host or guest wil…

As the winter holidays approach, we hear much about Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and New Year’s, but little about a lovely, cherished custom of Scandinavia where the Christmas season begins on Dec. 13 with St. Lucia Day and ends on Jan. 13 with the feast of St. Knut.

Chances are good that at some point during the holiday season, you’ll welcome guests into your home. Whether you lease or own your home, creating a cozy, festive setting for holiday gatherings can actually be quite simple, especially if you take on the project one room at a time.