As you have noticed, the power poll has slipped through the cracks the past couple weeks. I just haven't had time to continue this feature the way I have in the past and what I expected to do in the future.

With that said, I'm here to catch up on lost time. To be honest, not much happened in the conference last week with teams finishing up their final regular season tournaments of the year.

It's basically league play from here on out. Here's a look at the Suburban Red Conference, the home of both Liberty and Liberty North.

All records include games through Wednesday, Jan. 25:

Suburban Red Boys

1. St. Joseph Central (2-0 conference, 15-2 overall): To be honest, I've been waiting for the Indians to come back to Earth, but it just hasn't happened. Central has been outstanding this season and showed everyone in Liberty why by winning last week's C.W. Stessman Invitational.

2. Liberty (1-0, 12-3): The Blue Jays had me worried when they lost in the first round of their home tournament last week. However, it looks like that loss to Lee's Summit North isn't as bad as I thought (the Broncos have a solid club), and Liberty has won three straight since - all against quality teams (St. Joseph Lafayette, Blue Springs and Park Hill South).

3. Raytown (1-0, 11-3): Some chinks in the armor have started to appear for the Bluejays. Yes, they're on a three-game winning streak, but they have won those three games by a grand total of seven points. And before that, they lost badly to a struggling Lee's Summit team.

4. Park Hill South (1-2, 13-5): Don't let the conference record fool you. The Panthers are legit. South has some of the most athletic guards in the conference, which makes them dangerous every night out, and they won the NKC Tournament just last week with an impressive win against Columbia Rock Bridge in the finals.

5. Liberty North (0-2, 8-8): The Eagles find themselves in a strange place - on a losing streak. North has struggled in the last week, and now injuries and sickness are starting to take a toll. We're not used to North hanging around the .500 mark, but there's no doubt they will bounce back.

6. Truman (0-1, 2-14): After losing three straight in the NKC Tourney and dropping a 30-point loss against Central earlier this week, things have gone from bad to worse for the Patriots.

Suburban Red Girls

1. Truman (1-0, 10-5): Despite losing twice in their home tournament last week, I believe the Patriots are still the best team in the conference. Just keep in mind that it's safe to say that this league is really WIDE OPEN. There's good teams up and down the conference, but no one stands out above the rest either.

2. Liberty (1-0, 9-7): The rollercoaster continues for the Blue Jays. Liberty came up short in the opening round of the Truman Invite last week against Lee's Summit but rebounded with two easy consolation wins and then pummeled league-leading Park Hill South by a running clock earlier this week.

3. St. Joseph Central (0-2, 10-5): This is the one team I cannot figure out this year. The Indians have shown signs of being really good, and then there's other nights you are left scratching your head. They lost a competitive game against Truman this week, which gives me the thought maybe they will get things going in league play.

4. Liberty North (1-1, 7-8): This might be the best team the Eagles have ever had. They struggled at times early in the season but have started to sort out their team. A third-place finish at the Oak Park tourney after a win against Park Hill South has Liberty North moving up, and an overtime victory against Raytown earlier this week makes three wins in the last four games.

5. Park Hill South (3-1, 7-9): It's weird to have the league leaders fifth in the power poll, but that's the case. The Panthers looked like they would be a factor in conference play (and still could be), but when you lose by 30+ at home against Liberty, you're getting knocked down the list.

6. Raytown (0-2, 2-12): The losses just keep on pouring in for the Bluejays. They have played some tough games lately, but it looks like it's going to be a long season.

Liberty Sports Editor Chris Geinosky can be reached at 389-6654 or chris.geinosky@libertytribune.com.


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