Grace Episcopal Church creates new free pantry

Grace's Little Grocery pantry, designed and crafted by local retired Hallmark artists Dill Rhodus and Trish Andrews, opened Sunday afternoon with a blessing and stocking of the first round of grocery items. 

LIBERTY — Grace Episcopal Church, 520 S. Missouri Highway 291, Liberty, is opening a free food pantry called Grace’s Little Grocery on Sunday, Jan. 17. There was a “socially distant” blessing at 12:30 p.m. that day and stocking it with the first round of grocery items.

According to church leaders, Grace’s Little Grocery came into being because the weekly food pantry, Grace’s Grocery, closed due to rising COVID-19 numbers. The pantry has been open on a drive-through basis from March of last year, but finally went on hiatus at Thanksgiving due to many of the church volunteers falling in the high-risk category. There is a hope to return to the pantry after numbers drop.

In the meantime, this 24/7 free pantry located at the back of the church will be open for business. Employing a “give what you can/take what you need” philosophy, those needing help with an immediate food need can find it. And those neighbors and friends who want to donate may do so as well, dropping off dry and canned goods safely and at their convenience.

The pantry was designed and crafted by local retired Hallmark artists Dill Rhodus and Trish Andrews.

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