Liberty Hospital Foundation receives $60,000 gift from Russell H. and Ruth E. Stocksdale Discretionary Fund

Ruth and Russell Stocksdale

LIBERTY — The Russell H. and Ruth E. Stocksdale Discretionary Fund  committed a $60,000 gift to the Liberty Hospital Foundation in an effort to help the organization in its mission to partner with the Northland community to improve the health, safety and well-being of those the hospital serves, according to a press release.

Russell and Ruth Stocksdale dedicated their lives to business and the betterment of their local communities. The couple, who were married in March 1949, moved to Liberty and acquired Commercial Bank of Liberty, NA, in 1961.

The Stocksdales were community improvement pioneers in Clay County and the vicinity. Russ, with Ruth's support, led the campaign to create the New Liberty Hospital District, one of the first established under Missouri's Hospital District Law, and served in leadership positions during the construction and later operation of Liberty Hospital, which has become a major regional medical center serving northwest Missouri. Ruth was a charter and lifetime member and the first president of the Liberty Hospital Auxiliary. She was a Board Member Emeritus of the Liberty Hospital Foundation.

Through the significant gift made to the Liberty Hospital Foundation, the Stocksdales have made a meaningful impact to the health and safety of the Northland.

“We are humbled and gratified by the Stocksdale gift,” said Midori Carpenter, executive director of Liberty Hospital Foundation. “The Stocksdale family has quietly left a legacy of health and wellness, and this recent gift will enable our Foundation to serve our community for many years to come.”

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