SMITHVILLE — Participating in pageants during the last three years has given Alexandria Self more self-confidence.

“Also, I have learned a lot about job interviewing because that is one of the required competitions,” Self said.

Recently named Miss Missouri Superstar – Princess of America at age 16, this Smithville High School student is preparing to go to the national competition this summer.

“The required competitions are formal wear, interview, personal introduction and then community service,” she added.

Additionally, Self performed a dance routine.

“I have been dancing about eight years,” she said. “I did a musical theater/jazz dance.”

Putting herself out there has been her greatest struggle throughout her pageantry. Excited and a little surprised at her accomplishment, Self said she thinks maybe the dress she wore when claiming her title is lucky.

“It was pink and satin and it had pockets,” the superstar said. “I’ve always wanted a dress with pockets.”

Competing in mid-February, Self said she didn’t have much time to prepare and started in January. To help out, her family hired a coach, which Self said paid off big with her win. She also said the competition resulted in her gaining friends.

“I’m shy unless I know someone,” the teen explained. “When I arrived at the pageant it was hard for me to go up and talk to other girls, but then I got more comfortable.”

For others thinking about trying pageants, Self recommends diving in.

“Don’t be shy to try a pageant,” she said. “It helped me come out of my shell so much more and gain so much self-confidence. You won’t know if you don’t like it if you don’t try.”

Currently a straight-A student, Self said she is eager with her title to become more involved in the community. After that, Self hopes to become a flight attendant, which she said, could take her all over the world.

Northwest Editor Sean Roberts can be reached at or 389-6606.

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