My senior center is going to hold its annual Christmas dinner outdoors in the parking lot. If that doesn’t bring a tear to your eye about the sad state of our world now, nothing will.

Santa will arrive by limo behind the fire truck, we’re told, and will make his rounds through the tables set up across the asphalt, little elves at his elbow passing out presents.

Students from the high school choir will sing while others from the culinary arts classes (they’ll get extra credit) will hustle the food and drinks outside and serve it.

Parking will be wherever you find it around the neighborhood. In the middle of December? In New England? Why, some of us wanted to know, did they not simply use the town’s rec center? That large space would allow the tables to be spread out, with plenty of parking right outside the door.

Best of all, it’s indoors where there’s heat. But no, they decreed, the dinner has to be next to the senior center where the kitchen is.

A poll of friends indicates a mixed review of this whole idea. One laughed and said no, he absolutely would not be there. Another said he’d been recruited to set up tables and bring the decorated tree outside, hoping he can find an extension cord long enough to plug in the lights.

One adventurous soul decided she will indeed be there, wearing a down comforter over her winter coat, which will be over several other layers of clothing, including snow pants. (She’s also bringing a Thermos of hot coffee and is practicing eating while wearing gloves.) One only hopes someone has put the town plow-truck driver on notice. He might be called upon to plow out the parking lot that day before the dinner.

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