Where do you want your fitness level to be a year from now? To get to that point, we need to take the first step. For most of us, that’s going to mean exercising at home.

Here are some resources: Sit and Be Fit ( can be found on your PBS station (if it’s not, call the station and ask for it) and on the internet on YouTube. All Sit and Be Fit exercises are done sitting in a chair.

SilverSneakers (, sometimes covered by Medicare plans, holds classes in gyms across the country, but at this point few people are going to gyms. Do a location search and find a facility near you. Ask whether they have video or online classes and see whether your Medicare plan covers it.

Look for “Growing Stronger,” the free 126-page strength-training book for seniors, on the website Follow the suggested timeline, starting with reading the book and setting goals. Leave a message for your doctor and ask if it’s OK for you to start this or any program, especially if you have heart, bone or blood pressure conditions.

Remember what being physically fit can do for us: reduce our risk of falls, maintain independence, build strength and keep bones strong. That’s a goal worth striving for.

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