We’re in a whole new world now, and unfortunately it looks like it’s not returning to normal anytime soon. So many things have changed, and we need to make some adjustments to how we take care of ourselves.

Timing: Whatever you need to do, do it earlier than you think you should. If you’re going to apply for Social Security, don’t wait until the last minute. Staffing might be lower than normal, with fewer workers to take up the slack. If you need an appointment, such as for an oil change for your car, do it sooner than you normally would, for the same reason. If you’ve been ordering groceries for pickup or delivery, you might notice a renewed slowdown in available time slots as stores, in many cases, have fewer clerks.

Taking care of business: Even if you eligible to receive the COVID vaccine, don’t assume you can get one just by walking in. Make an appointment. Ask about parking and physical distancing. Although the shot is free to all Americans, bring your insurance card to help the provider pay for administering the vaccine.

Be proactive: Do you know when your credit card expires? In the past you were likely sent a new one just before it expired, with instructions to cut up the old one. Now, with quite a few things slipping through the cracks, you might not notice your card has expired until you try to pay for a grocery order. Check your card and anything else with an expiration date, including the date of the tag renewal for your vehicle.

I learned the hard way that my state is no longer sending out notices of tag expiration. We can get through this, but we need to think about every step.

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