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It’s hard nowadays to know where to get accurate free information online. Here are two trusted, responsible places we can go.

Consumer Reports: While CR would like you to subscribe to their monthly print or online magazine, you don’t have to do that to get information. Sign up for their various newsletters (weekly or monthly) and zero in on what you’d like to know about: a weekly What’s New, home (appliances and products), cars, health (nutrition, drugs, fitness and safety), food, money (finances, investing, tax planning, retirement) and shopping.

You can opt to receive one, a few or all of these in your email. Go online to, scroll to the bottom and click on Sign Up for CR’s Free Newsletters.

Kim Komando: Known as a Digital Goddess, Kim Komando has been on the Internet (as well as radio) for many years. She won’t steer you wrong. A recent email newsletter covered 10 cybersecurity myths, how to tell if someone is snooping in your computer, a Windows patch that fixes 100 new flaws, and more. The website even has a coronavirus section with “makes sense” information and news.

There are 12 email newsletters to choose from, some daily and some weekly, including breaking tech news you need to know, tech tips & how-tos, weekend digital digest and weekly roundup, fraud and security alerts, and more. Go online to and scroll to Subscribe at the bottom of the page. You can opt out or change your mind at any time, and they won’t give away your personal information.

I’ve been a subscriber for close to 10 years, and I’ve never suspected my information was given out. If you want to listen to Kim Komando on the radio, look for Find A Station at the top of her web page and put in your ZIP code. It will give you the stations, date and time of the radio shows.

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