Concern may be at the forefront of many as the news of COVID continues to be part of the daily conversation.

If you read the news, you know there are serious questions about how well the vaccines we’re been taking actually protect against COVID. Especially worrisome is the protection they offer against the Delta variant that’s sweeping the world.

Those in authority seem to be flipping a coin each day, depending on who you listen to. Some days we can throw caution to the wind and go about our business, and other days we need to continue to beware.

There’s talk of going back to the indoor mask mandates, and that’s likely one step away from again limiting the number of people allowed in stores at one time, or so I imagine.

If those things happen, it won’t be like it was in March 2020. Back then we were all scared to death. We’d spread out in the grocery aisles, staying far away from other people. We wore that mask at all times when out and about, and we respected all those 6-foot markers on the floor.

We certainly didn’t sit down at a restaurant table for four and take off our masks, or head to the gym. Now, having lived through that whole horrible year, people are tired of it all, and we’re eager for a normal life.

We think that because so many people have had the vaccination, that surely we’ll be safe. I fear that this time, however, if the mask mandates come again, it will be even more dangerous than it was last year, because we’ve gotten too casual, careless and passive about our safety.

My short to-do list involves buying new masks and more hand sanitizer, renewing my grocery curbside pickup account ... and saying no to an invitation to join a dance group. How about you? Are you ready for what’s likely coming?

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