Senior pets: House-trained companions ready to adopt

Experts with the Humane Society said older animals make good pets because they tend to be housebroken and are more laid back than younger animals.

As November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, Humane Society of Missouri encourages potential animal adopters to consider an older, possibly overlooked animal to add to the family.

“Adopting a more mature pet may be a better fit for your home over a playful puppy or curious kitten,” states a Humane Society release.

The Humane Society of Missouri shares reasons why a senior pet might be the right animal for a person or family:

• Lots of love to share- Senior pets have love to give adopting a senior pet gives them a second chance at life with a family who will love and appreciate them.

• They are not a 24/7 job- While a puppy or kitten can be an exciting addition to the family, people often underestimate the time it takes to monitor and train them. Adopting a senior pet allows you to have the benefits of a pet without the time and energy involved in caring for a young animal.

• They enjoy a laid-back lifestyle- Older animals often have a more relaxed and easygoing personality. They require less attention and activity than a young animal.

• Most are already house trained- Many senior pets have been around humans long enough to understand easy commands and know how to behave in a household setting. A senior pet has already learned acceptable behavior and is quicker to understand what you’re asking of them.  

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