Millions of Americans will be firing up their propane grills this weekend to celebrate the nation’s birthday. With scents of grilled chicken, beef, and brats billowing from backyard to backyard, there’s no better reminder that summer is here. But after making sure to refill the propane tank in advance of the big day, it’s also important to revisit the tips designed to help make every cookout a safe one.

Ferrellgas, with ties to Liberty, knows that no Fourth of July grilling checklist is complete without the addition of a few important safety reminders.

“Few things are as fun as celebrating the Fourth of July by preparing a grilled feast for family and friends,” Chief Operating Officer Tamria Zertuche said. “But with the responsibility of wearing the chef’s hat comes the responsibility of grilling safely. We’re thrilled to offer these important reminders to our valued customers in advance of their holiday celebration.”

Here are some helpful grilling tips to keep in mind this Fourth of July holiday and every time you fire up the grill.

• Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for assembly, operation, maintenance, repair, and storage of your propane grill.  

• Always turn control knobs to the OFF position and the tank valve to CLOSED when the grill is not in use.

• Never operate the propane grill if parts are damaged, missing, or improperly installed.

• Check for gas leaks by making a soapy water solution and applying it around an open propane tank valve and around the connections and hose leading to the grill. Make sure to do this while the grill is off. If bubbles start to appear on the area that has the soapy solution applied, that indicates the tank is leaking. If that is the case, close the valve, disconnect the tank from the grill and do not use that tank.

• Propane tanks should never be stored in an enclosed area and should always be stored in an upright position.

• Before lighting the propane grill, always OPEN the grill lid.

• Never move a grill that is in use.

• Never allow children to operate a grill or play around a grill.

• Use long-handled utensils and flame-retardant mitts to avoid burns.

• To reduce flare-ups, trim excess fat from meats, replace greasy lava rocks or ceramic briquettes, and keep the grill clean.

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