Thrivent team spreads generosity

Thrivent administrative assistant Tabetha Reece, Hillcrest Hope Development and Operations Director Dustin Prockish and financial representatives Jennifer McLaughlin, Gary Eldridge and Jacob Wedekind stand with the food donations.

LIBERTY — Thrivent Group’s financial representatives Jennifer McLaughlin, Jacob Wedekind, Gary Eldridge and administrative assistant Tabetha Reece have been spreading generosity in the community.

Earlier this year, they provided snack baskets to essential workers in Liberty. In September, the group created a event to support Hillcrest Hope, a nonprofit that helps individuals and families regain independence and hope through housing assistance and life skills education.

McLaughlin has been providing financial classes and also saw a need in the organization’s on-site food pantry for residents.

On Sept. 17, the Thrivent team hosted a contactless drive-thru ice cream social. For each car that drove through, the team donated groceries for one family meal to Hillcrest Hope. Each car then received free ice cream and a Live Generously T-shirt.

McLaughlin went to four different stores, maximizing the donations and purchasing enough for 50 family meals. The meals included a fruit, vegetable, soup or meal similar to Hamburger Helper. They also donated $100 on Oct. 6.

“Our goal is to spread generosity, even through COVID,” McLaughlin said. “It’s been challenging, but not impossible.”

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