KEARNEY — Since putting their hay bale homage to Patrick Mahomes up at the start of the Chiefs’ season this past fall in rural Kearney, the Frick family farm has been a hub of activity, with social media posts about the artwork going viral. The family has also been featured on local TV new stations and in newspapers throughout the Kansas City metro.

“We had a couple that was from Australia,” said owner Linda Frick “… When it first starting taking off in September or October, it just blew up. We had people from all over reaching out. Within 48 hours of it being announced it was done, it was in Japan with pictures being posted online back and forth.”

With Chiefs Kingdom’s excitement reaching a fever pitch ahead of their Super Bowl game Sunday, Feb. 2, Frick said visits to the farm have not stopped, especially on Red Fridays. The family, Frick said, get as excited to see visitors as visitors do to see their family’s masterpiece. Frick has even gone out of her way to accommodate visitors who need help getting up the slight hill to the hay bales.

“Still, to this very day, we get about two carloads of people,” she said. “One day when we were all out there, we had a senior citizens bus come by. I loved it. They stopped along Francis Road. … I asked if they stopped to take pictures and when they said yes, I told them to come right on through the pasture and come right up to it. Oh my goodness, they loved it. Some had walkers and some in a wheelchair and I said, ‘No, we aren’t going to make people try and do that.’ They were grateful and really enjoyed it.”

The painting, done by Penni Frick and her sister and husband, took about 10 to 15 gallons of paint to complete. Russell and Chris Frick assembled the hay bales, viewable by passersby on Missouri Highway 92 between Kearney and Smithville.

Linda said the family had hoped to add to the 3-by-3 hay bale Mahomes caricature, but weather hasn’t cooperated.

“On the sides of Mahomes, we want to put in black or red letters ‘Showtime.’ We were really wanting to put the Lamar Hunt trophy on there, but you can’t because it has a trademark,” said Linda.

Other additions Linda said she hoped to make centered on the family’s Super Bowl game day prediction.

“If you look at how his fingers are on that hay, I’d like to put a Super Bowl ring on his finger,” she said. “I don’t want to jinx it, but I think it would look really nice on that finger,” said Linda with a giggle.

While the weather hasn’t allowed the family to add to the artwork, Linda said the family also will not jinx the Chiefs by taking it down ahead of the big game.

“Oh no, it has got to stay up until after the Super Bowl,” she said.

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