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KANSAS CITY — For over 25 years, WIN for KC’s Women’s Sports Awards Celebration has honored outstanding girls and women in the community for their contributions and achievements in sports and fitness, according to a press release.

The event has traditionally been held as the largest luncheon in the country celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day. In 2021, the celebration will take the form of a broadcast television event to air on KCMI's Channel 38 the Spot at 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 13.

“We’re disappointed that we are unable to gather in person to celebrate the amazing girls and women who make our community stronger,” said Jessica Blubaugh, director of WIN for KC, “but the silver lining is that we’ll be celebrating in front of the largest audience we’ve ever had.”

Nominations for 2021 Women’s Sports Awards honors are now open. Nominations are due by 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 9. Online nominations found at

The Children’s Mercy Rising Star Award will be presented to a local girl, 18 or younger, who demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities, setting and achieving goals and has made a special impact on the community.

The Courage Award will be presented to a local woman or girl who demonstrates the ability to redefine barriers despite physical or mental challenges through her participation in sports, who has overcome tremendous obstacles to succeed in sports, or who has made a significant comeback in life and sports.

The Kissick Construction Game Changer Award will be presented to a local individual or group who personifies the true spirit of sport not as a participant, but as a supporter, promoter, or champion of girls’ and women’s sports and fitness. This award recognizes those who give their all to girls’ and women’s sports through an outlet other than participation. Nominees demonstrate empowerment by working behind the scenes to promote or create opportunities for women and girls in sports.

The UMB Lifetime Sportswoman Award will be presented to a local woman, age 55 or older, who demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities, encourages participation of girls and women in sports and still engages in athletics.

The Hallmark Cards Leadership Award will be presented to a local female inspirational leader who best exemplifies the characteristics of a mentor to female athletes of all ages. Nominees should actively make significant contributions and a lasting impact on female athletes throughout the community.

The BKD WOW Award is presented to an individual or group in the community who has made an outstanding impact on women and girls in sports. This award is nominated and voted on by the WIN for KC Advisory Board.

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