LIBERTY — Liberty North High School seniors are going to get a chance to celebrate Saturday, May 16 with a car parade.

Seniors are encouraged to decorate their cars as a tribute to their high school career - inspirations, activities, favorite events, future plans. They are also encouraged to dress in school gear/shirts.

While the parade is not sanctioned or endorsed by the school district or law enforcement, parent volunteers have been in contact and coordinating with the district and law enforcement in all related jurisdictions. Students will not be allowed to ride in the back of pick-ups or trucks for safety purposes. If a truck shows up with kids in the cargo bed, they will not be allowed to join. Also if there are more people than a vehicle can fit, they won't be allowed to join.

Staging will start at 12:30 p.m. at Liberty North, 1000 NE 104th St. The parade leaves the parking lots at 2 pm. The parade should last about an hour.

As seniors turn into the parking lot of  Liberty North, there will be people directing them where to go and a place for them to have professional photos taken in front of a large backdrop. Parents will be able to download the photos within a few days after the parade. The request is a $5 donation for each photo downloaded. The donations will go to support the Liberty Cares Fund. This is a fund is used by LPS Social workers to help families throughout the LPS District. There will be drone footage for viewing a few days after the parade.

The leader of the parade will only be going 10 mph so use best driving practices and use common sense. A parent can drive them if they wish to enjoy their day and focus on the spectators they are driving past.

Safety is mandatory; seniors to not hang out car windows or sunroofs and to obey traffic laws. Seniors need to stay in their cars at all times and they need to have a copy of their car insurance in their cars as this is required by law.

The parade route starts at the high school, heads up Church Road to Northeast 112th Street, down to North Stark, around to 108th Street, down North Smalley, weaving around on North Tullis, connecting with Northeast 96th Street, and then back up Eastern Road to end at Kellybrook Elementary School, 10701 N. Eastern Road.

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