Liberty Community Center tentatively plans to reopen June 1

Plans are underway as to which areas to open first in the Liberty Community Center such as the fitness area on the lower level. 

LIBERTY — The Liberty Community Center may reopen June 1 if the next phase of the Clay County Public Health Center's recovery plan starts on time. Parks Director BJ Staab said this second phase will allow for 50% occupancy.

“We are working through the scenarios,” he said. “We are trying to get open for our members and staff, but we are looking at how the numbers will be spread among the various locations inside the community center such as the workout rooms.”

Monthly members will not be charged for April, May or June. Annual members will automatically have three months added to the end of their membership. LPR staff is working on a re-connection plan for exactly what reopening looks like, and will provide future updates on facilities, amenities and programs as available.

Aquatics Director Charles Anderson is still looking at the logistics to have the pools opened again, including the outdoor pool.

“One of the biggest concerns is the lifeguard situation,” Staab said. “We can't train any new lifeguards so we are working through on how many returning lifeguards we will have. We do want to get the pools opened, but it will not be the usual start around Memorial Day weekend.”

Along with discussions on the community center, Staab and his team had to make a decision to cancel the upcoming summer baseball, softball and T-ball leagues as well as the Liberty Storm Swim Team season.

“We did have some baseball and softball teams express their concerns and decided not to take the bench this season,” he said. “These teams would have to be practicing now and that would not be safe.”

Staab said the team and he have been looking at alternatives for later in the summer.

“Perhaps we can offer some camps focusing on skills, speed, agility or even some drop-in play for these league teams,” he said. “The difference with the tournaments at Capitol Federal Sports Complex, we can review those week by week. I know the turf fields down there will be used, especially as we get into Phase 2.”

Staab said all the city departments are following the Clay County Public Health Center's recovery plan.

“We are watching things daily while trying to make the best decisions,” he said. “We are still looking at when to reopen the Silver Center. That is a decision that comes from the Mid-America Regional Council. We know that the Silver Center is going to be slow to open as the folks that use it are some of the most vulnerable.”

Southeast Editor Kellie Houx can be reached at or 389-6630.

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