Divas of Liberty ready to perform

The Divas of Liberty are Maggie Thomas, Heather Wolesky, Jill Hemann and Laura Barge.

LIBERTY — Initially, the Divas of Liberty was going to be a one-night-only show, but when the Saturday, Sept. 14 show sold out, the foursome decided to add another night to their schedule at Corbin Theatre.

The four women don’t have any of the characteristics that normally fit the definition of a diva, a self-important person who is temperamental and difficult to please.

Jill Hemann, who teaches theater at South Valley Middle School and has performed opera and on Broadway, said a diva is a woman who is “hugely artistic.” For Heather Wolesky and Maggie Thomas, a diva is a woman who knows her worth.

“I see a diva as someone who is secure in herself,” performer Laura Barge said. “I love being the age I am now and not being told what to do, but knowing I can do the songs I want to do.”

Barge is handling a lioness’ share of the work. She is accompanying all the singers on the piano as well as singing a few of her favorites and also providing harmony. She kicks off the show with Carole King’s “Natural Woman” and will share a couple jazz pieces including “God Bless the Child.”

“It started a few years ago when I saw Jill in ‘Nunsense’ and I thought it would be fun to get some ladies together,” Barge said. “I brought it to the Corbin board and they liked it. I got Jill and then Maggie and Heather.”

Hemann has taught Barge’s daughter as well as Wolesky’s at Heritage Middle School.

“We have known of each other and now I get the chance to perform for the first time on the Corbin stage,” Hemann said. “It’s an eclectic mix. I have some solos from Broadway numbers including ‘Big Fish’ and ‘Urinetown.’”

Thomas will offer a country feel to the evening with “Only Hope” from “Walk to Remember.” She will also stretch her pipes with “Burn” from “Hamilton.”

“It’s so much fun to sing with these talented women,” Thomas said. “I’m in awe of these ladies.”

Southeast Editor Kellie Houx can be reached at kellie.houx@mycouriertribune.com or 389-6630.

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