LIBERTY — Senior proms all over the country were canceled in response to COVID-19. An American tradition, senior prom is arguably one of the most memorable moments in any student’s high school career.

The Iron Bagel, as they refer to themselves, a group of about 20 Liberty North High School graduate friends decided they were not going to let their final opportunity for prom pass them by, parent Melissa Green said. They coined the term ‘Prahm’ to describe this faux event.

“We’ve all just been very involved the last four years,” Green’s daughter Emily said. “None of us had ever gotten to experience a prom before and all of us girls had bought our dresses at the beginning of the year, we were just really sad that we didn’t get to wear them.”

Emily said her mom helped form the idea, offering to provide a meal for Emily and some of her friends.

“We thought it would be a good idea to get dressed up, get pictures done and experience some kind of prom amid everything else that is going on,” Emily said.

The idea began to snowball, Melissa added, with Kansas City chef Mark Maybon preparing the meal and his Overland Park world-known baker friend, Carey Lennaccaro preparing a cake.

“It was a lot of fun,” Trevor Lerit said. “We didn’t have a formal dance or anything … but we started off at (Belvoir Winery in Liberty) and we took pictures.”

Melissa said they had a professional photographer Jillian Farnsworth photograph the recent grads to help mark the occasion.

“It was pretty hot you know,” Lerit added with a chuckle, “because we were all wearing pretty nice formal wear and it was like, 92 degrees that day.”

After photos, the group traveled to the Green home for their dinner followed by a migration to another friend’s house where they listened to music and “hung out” serving as the ‘prahm’ portion of the evening.

Although it wasn’t the same as the traditional prom most American high school students experience, Lerit said it helped The Iron Bagel moved past what they lost, saying it offered closure.

“Senior prom is a big deal,” he said. “I am happy we did it and not gone without it.”

“I’m just really happy that we can make some memories before we all go our separate ways,” Emily said. “ We have some people leaving for basic training in a couple weeks so it (was) like one last hurrah!”

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