Beat the heat while wearing face coverings

North Kansas City Hospital offers tips to stay cool and safe while still wearing a face covering out in the summer heat.

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advising people to wear face coverings in public settings, it may take extra planning to stay cool during the hotter months.

Small changes can keep people safe and more comfortable this summer, a North Kansas City Hospital press release states.

“Pairing a breathable face covering with other preventive measures can go a long way,” said Ray Staggs, North Kansas City Hospital Trauma Program manager. “The key is being proactive and watching for signs of heat exhaustion.”

The following are tips for how to stay comfortable in mask during warm weather.

• Wear a face covering made from a breathable and absorbent fabric like cotton or bamboo.

• Wear a light-colored mask as darker colors absorb more heat from the sun.

• Keep face mask dry as a sweaty face covering can obstruct breathing and diminish a mask’s effectiveness.

Other tips provided by the hospital to help people stay cool in the summer include:

• Cover the head and shoulders and wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothes.

• If hot, spritz wrists with water or place a wet towel around the neck.

• Stay hydrated and take frequent breaks to allows the body to cool down.

• If sweating, drink one quart of liquid per hour.

• Recognize symptoms of heat exhaustion like dizziness and/or a racing heart. Is signs of heat exhaustion are present, remove your face mask, get out of the heat and seek medical attention if symptoms don’t subside within an hour or if experiencing signs of confusion or agitation, loss of consciousness, the inability to drink and a core body temperature of 104 degrees or higher.

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