Expert talks tips to staying healthy this flu season

CLAY COUNTY — As cold weather begins to creep back into the Northland, it brings with it flu season.

Clay County Public Health Center Program Manager Nkolika Obiesie outlines tips to help keep people in the county healthy and avoid catching or spreading the flu.

“If you have flu-like symptoms — coughing, sneezing, especially if you have these with fever — you need to get checked out to make sure you don’t have the flu,” Obiesie said. “It could be flu or it could be something else like a cold.”

If other symptoms are accompanied by a fever, Obiesie said, the person is likely suffering from the flu because a fever is not typically a symptom of the common cold.

To best prevent the flu, Obiesie said people should wash their hands often and get a flu vaccine. Those older than 65, she said, should ask their health care provider about getting a high-dose flu shot because they may have a weaker immune system.

The health care professional also recommends people eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise to keep their immune system strong. In addition, she said people should avoid others who may be sick.

Obiesie also suggested that those who exhibit flu symptoms not go to work or school as they may be contagious and spread illness to others.

Northwest Editor Sean Roberts can be reached at or 389-6606.

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