How having children impacted on Olivia Wilde's beauty regime Content Exchange

Olivia Wilde "simplified" her beauty routine when she had children.

The 37-year-old actress - who has Otis, seven, and Daisy, five, with former partner Jason Sudeikis - admitted motherhood made her cut back on the time she takes on her face, and also made her make "smarter" choices about the products she uses on her skin and their environmental impact.

Asked how motherhood had impacted on her skincare routine, she told "It really just cleaned it up and simplified it. I wanted to be smarter about taking care of myself so that I can be around longer for my kids, I didn’t want to slather on a bunch of carcinogens onto my skin everyday.

"And then also wanting to be kinder to the environment because that’s just something you think a lot more about when you have kids. You’re thinking more about the deep future.

"I also wanted to simplify it just for efficiency because I don’t know who has time for a 12-step beauty routine. I personally don’t.

"And it came from different stages of motherhood. When I was pregnant, I wanted to find clean products that were safe. When I had little kids, it was the same instinct, not wanting to expose them to any kind of toxic chemicals on my skin.

"Then realising it was something that made me look and feel better. So from a superficial perspective, it actually was effective."

While having two children has taken its toll on the 'Booksmart' director's figure, she loves her body more than ever now.

She said: "[When it comes to] our relationship to our bodies and celebrating our bodies, we all come to that from very different perspectives and experiences.

“I am someone who has had two babies, I’m in my late thirties, and I love my body now more than I ever have. I enjoy the opportunity to take care of myself. That’s what my beauty ritual is: Taking care of myself and celebrating my body at this stage of my life.”

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