Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft’s Securities Division

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft’s Securities Division issued an order against Scottsdale, Arizona resident John D. Myers and entities Skytec Security Services, LLC and Skytec Service KC, LLC, finding they defrauded investors from the Kansas City area.

“Missouri Commissioner of Securities David Minnick found that respondents, individually and collectively, orchestrated and organized a scheme that defrauded eight Missouri investors by appealing to the desire for higher performance on their retirement savings,” states a release from Ashcroft’s office.

“In connection with the offers and sales, Myers, either directly or indirectly through business associate and fellow respondent Daniel S. Madasz, convinced them to invest in alternative investments in the form of illiquid and risky promissory notes to fund the growth and expansion of their fledgling businesses. Respondents promised investors large returns of 10 to 12% annually. Once in possession of the investors’ funds however, respondents misappropriated the funds for their own personal benefit and operated a Ponzi-like scheme in which new investor funds were used to pay earlier investors.”

Most investors received virtually none of their investments back, states the release, and in total, Missouri investors lost more than $1 Million to the scheme. Madasz is currently incarcerated in the state of Kansas for securities fraud committed during the same period of time with investors in Kansas. The division’s administrative proceeding relating to Madasz is pending upon his release from Kansas Department of Corrections.

Following the investigation and an evidentiary hearing, Minnick allegedly found that respondents offered and sold $1,024,167 in unregistered, non-exempt promissory notes to eight elderly Missouri investors.

Minnick’s final order directs respondents to pay $600,000 in civil penalties and more than $1.5 million in restitution including interest and to pay investigation costs.

“This case shows how easily well-intentioned investors can be enticed by the prospect of high returns only to see their money disappear,” said Minnick. “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Don’t deal with unregistered people who want your money.”

Secretary Ashcroft continues to urge Missouri investors to call the toll-free investor protection hotline at (800) 721-7996 or go online to for more information or to file a complaint.

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