Army Corps of Engineers Kansas City District has new leader

Col. William Hannan

In historic military tradition, command of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Kansas City District, which manages parts of Smithville Lake, transferred from Col. Douglas B. Guttormsen to Col. William C. Hannan, Jr. on Friday, July 19.

"I'm honored and deeply humbled by the opportunity to lead the Kansas City District," Hannan said. "The district has a great reputation and I'm looking forward to serving with the team. Kansas City District has been doing important work in the region and has been recognized as a great place to work in the federal government for several years."

Brig. Gen. Peter Helmlinger, commander of the Northwestern Division, commended Guttormsen and Hannan.

"I couldn't have asked for a better commander here than Col. Doug Guttormsen. The Army and the Corps of Engineers will miss him and his family," Helmlinger said. "We are very excited to have Col. Bill Hannan join us as the leader for the district and look forward to the continuance of excellence here in Kansas City."

Guttormsen assumed command of the Kansas City District in July 2016. Before the change of command, he received the Silver Order of the de Fleury Medal for his exemplary service to the Corps of Engineers and the Legion of Merit Medal in recognition of his leadership to the district and distinguished Army career. He is retiring with 27 years of service.

"It's been a privilege to wear this uniform for 27 years - and a real honor to serve the last three of those with the Kansas City District," Guttormsen said. "The district is a tremendous team of dedicated professionals performing really important work for the region and the nation."

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