Liberty Public Schools ahead of the curve with coronavirus having implemented Flexible Learning Days earlier this year. Currently, zero Northland school districts have cancelled classes due to the illness.

LIBERTY — Having rolled out its new Flexible Learning Day model, area districts are reaching out to Liberty Public Schools for resources and ideas to help aid in possible long-term home-based learning due to the coronavirus.

Though no schools in the Northland have announced a closure, the rate of spread for coronavirus has everyone getting prepared.

"I think we are ahead of the game," Director of Communications Dallas Ackerman said. "We are queued up with our Flexible Learning and extended learning days for students."

Ackerman said it is too soon to predict if the district will need to have an extended closure, as no confirmed cases have reached Clay County yet, but in the case it spreads, students will use their internet and non-internet based forms of learning exactly as if it were a flexible learning day.

"We are monitoring this very closely," Ackerman said about the spread of Coronavirus. "We rely heavily on our Clay County Public Health Center and are taking their lead."

With school releasing early Thursday, March 12 for spring break, the district is preparing for the possibility of extending break if the health center recommends.

"For us, now, timing couldn't be better for spring break," Ackerman said. "We are doing a lot of prep work for if we don't have school after break and a lot of prep work to be ready to go when students do return from break."

With information changing hourly, Ackerman said the district is paying close attention to guidance coming from the state and from CCPHC and as things shift or change, residents can gain the latest details on social media and the district website,

This is a developing story and more information will be published as it becomes available.

Northwest Editor Sean Roberts can be reached at or 389-6606.​

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