IV nutrition opens in Liberty Commons

CJ Hildebrand, owner of IV Nutrition, at left, stands by staffers Tiffany and Kurt Stephenson in the lab area of her business where formulas are injected into IV bags for services.

LIBERTY — While more common on the west coast and in larger cities like Dallas and Las Vegas, an intravenous nutrition service has made a home in Liberty.

IV Nutrition offers IV nutrient bags in addition to intramuscular shots. The shots are injected in the lower hip and upper thigh area and slow release over a period of one to three weeks, shop owner CJ Hildebrand said.

With a staff of 10, all the employees are either registered nurses or paramedics. Formulas used are reviewed by the University of Kansas Medical Center and an array of doctors and nurses. Hildebrand said the company is also overseen by a medical director, ensuring all services are legal and safe.

“Everything we have is native to the body,” she said. “I find some people are weary until I explain that it is all vitamins found in the body already.”

The shop owner said services aid a broad spectrum of ailments and provide customers a restorative process with quick results.

“I had a woman come in with a migraine; 30 minutes later, she was walking out the door with a smile on her face, migraine gone,” Hildebrand said as an example of how IV Nutrition can help clients.

In addition to migraines, IV Nutrition to caters to athletes and those looking to assist weight loss and mood regulation/stabilization or reduce stress in addition to improve skin, hair and nails and overall hydration. Services can also help those feeling the aftermath of a long night celebrating.

“If you are looking to come in because you partied too hard last night, we can take care of you,” she said.

Providing these services is a passion for Hildebrand, who uses IV therapies herself after contracting chronic Lyme disease as a child growing up playing in the woods around Minneapolis.

“There were days I would crawl out of bed to go to the bathroom,” she said. “It was horrible.”

Trying different types of holistic therapies through the years helped some, she said, but not enough to keep her from having issues. Then, friends from chiropractic school opened the first IV Nutrition and offered her a free trial.

“I felt really great. ... The doctor managing my health case asked, ‘What are you doing different because you are much, much better? You are better than you’ve been in the five years we’ve been treating this,’” Hildebrand said. “Instead of me taking fistfuls of vitamins, ... it was going right into my bloodstream.”

When those same friends began to franchise the IV business, Hildebrand said jumped on board and opened one in Liberty to serve Northlanders who had been traveling to Overland Park, Kansas for service.

“The great thing I’ve noticed about Liberty is even though it has a bigger metro city feel, people are so welcoming here, which is crazy because you think of that as a small-town thing,” she said. “It’s just a sense of community with everyone. I really enjoy being here.”

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