LIBERTY — In a little more than a month, LaDulzura Creamery, 603E Missouri Highway 291, has found a niche, offering the tastes of Guanajuato, Mexico, the hometown of restaurant owner Deanna Villegas.

“To me, the menu represents home,” she said. “It’s some things that we like and I believe others will like as well. There aren’t many places such as ours around here.”

With aid from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce helping promote the business, Villegas is balancing opening a new business while being a mother to two sons, Matthew and Leonardo.

“I always wanted to be a business owner,” she said. “My husband Joe has been helping, too, but we have changed our lifestyle to make this work.”

Villegas said she had been churning around the idea for the eatery for about two years.

“It was finding the right location,” she said. “I wanted to be here in Liberty. It’s where we live. Liberty is known for its good schools.”

On the menu are juices, fresh waters and ice creams, plus homemade frozen treats. Juice called the Russian is one of the owner’s favorites. It’s made with apple, orange, pineapple, chamoy (a salted, pickled, sour fruit mixed with chiles), ice and Squirt soda. The owner is also fond of the mango sorbet and the eatery’s tacos.

Joe’s favorite menu item is Chilindrina, a dish made with cabbage, pico de gallo, pickled pork skin, avocado, sour cream, Cotija cheese, Valentina sauce, salt and lemon.

“My hope is that restaurantgoers find something for everyone on this menu,” Deanna explained. “I believe in taking a look, there’s a chance to explore some of my culture. Sure, there are some strange combinations, but give them a try. What might seem exotic now will become a treat that you will enjoy later on.”

Villegas said many Latin American customers have found them, but they are seeing a varied customer base already.

While the menu items are diverse, there will be some changes from time to time, especially those that will be considered seasonal. There also are kids’ menu items as well as fruits and smoothies.

“We are a place where there’s a dish or treat for every palate,” she said. “We have the sour, sweet, spicy and salty.”

Southeast Editor Kellie Houx can be reached at or 389-6630.

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