Liberty resident gets ready to open spin studio

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LIBERTY — Anna Alessi is an encourager. She is also a motivator and is days from seeing one of her longtime dreams become a reality as her business, Cycle of Heart, opens.

Classes begin Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 8306 N. Oxford St., across the Missouri Highway 152 Bridge in Kansas City North. The former Verizon building has been converted into a studio with subdued lighting, 15 spin bikes and an instructor. Currently, she has eight instructors.

Ahead of the studio opening, Alessi shared her passion for spinning and people, the drivers to start the business.

“When I was young, I struggled with my weight,” she said. “I then realized there’s some self-love I needed. I now have a daughter and I want to help her have a good body image, too.”

Alessi said she hopes that her story will resonate with others.

“So many people are struggling,” she said. “I personally am strongest when I’m on a bike. I know it’s funny because it’s a bike that goes nowhere, but it can be such a great tool.”

In looking at her own business, she wanted to make sure that not only the body would be nurtured. She has drive to connect mind, body and community. Her definition of Cycle of Heart is about the pursuit of wellness that unites the mind, body and community.

“The mind aspect is breaking patterns and the body is celebrating the one you have,” she said. “The community is about being better together. That’s why I will encourage community service, too. I want to see a premise where people can meet and talk. It’s a place to work out with friends.”

Alessi said different places in the studio will have ideas. There will be suggestions for random acts of kindness.

“We will have cards where people can encourage others,” she said. “My friends call receiving the cards I send ‘Annagrams’ so I know it makes a difference. I believe we will also mail cards to active military, too.”

Keeping with Alessi’s encouraging nature, she wants people to try a class.

“Come as you are,” she said. “If you have never ridden, come 15 minutes early and we will get you comfortable. It’s about the individual rider. It’s low impact.”

The music is upbeat, Alessi said.

“The ride mimics a road ride, but I encourage people to go at their own pace,” she said. “It’s going to be a chance to laugh and sweat. There’s always a reflective song to be introspective and then let it all go. I believe people will leave class feeling better than when you walked in.”

Alessi said the desire to help others as well as to dismiss the negative voices have been with her since she was 16.

“I have lived that journey and I know what it means to find that self-love,” she said. “I want people to find grace in these moments.”

Along with the spin space, there will also be a retail boutique.

“I also received a lot of help from Erik’s Bike Shop for the bikes,” she said.

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