Smithville Realtor meets families where they are

Dan Hartman has been a Realtor since 2017 and part of the ShowMe Real Estate family in Smithville since the beginning of 2018. Dabbling in three areas of real estate, Hartman’s long-term goal is to deal predominantly in commercial real estate.

SMITHVILLE — Spending a third of his time doing the traditional buy and sell, a third with buy-and-hold properties and another third working with commercial properties, Realtor Dan Hartman of ShowMe Realty in Smithville said real estate never gets boring.

“There is always something new,” he said about his job. “Learning what others specialize in is also really interesting to me.”

In his field, Hartman said it is important to keep an abundance mindset, to stay focus and keep making connections.

What would surprise people most to learn about your job?

“I think, that (this business) is based on relationships and it is based on the ability to network and connect with people on where they are in their stage of life,” he said. “What I mean by that is, (looking at needs of) a first-time homebuyer versus someone whose family is growing and wants to upgrade and get more bedrooms, more space or those whose kids have grown and want to downsize. It is unique in the sense that you work with all those kinds of clients.”

Would a 10-year-old you be surprised that you are in this position or field?

“I think so,” Hartman answered. “I always felt like I wanted to do something entrepreneurial oriented but I never thought I would have the opportunity to piece together all my different jobs and my personality working in real estate.”

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

“To stay focused, not get discouraged and just have an abundance mindset and a sense that ... there is plenty of opportunities,” he said. ”I just stay focused and really concentrate on connecting with the individual on where they are at and being intentional about that.”

What is the most common question you get about what you do?

“Is it tough?” Hartman said. “You feel the emotions that people are feeling. I tend to take those emotions on.”

What do you like best about this job or field in particular?

“No matter what (kind) of real estate that I’m buying or selling … there is always something that comes up that is unique to that particular transaction,” Hartman said. “It’s fun to get out there and learn about that and understand that sometimes you have to seek out others.”

In addition to buyers, Hartman said his job means interacting with survey, title and loan companies as well as and seeking answers that he may not have.

”You have different opportunities to learn,” he concluded.

When outside of the workplace, when you meet somebody new, what tips you off that someone is another real estate agent?

”I think industry knowledge. They are professional about what he or she does,” Hartman said.

What advice would you give someone starting a job similar to yours?

“I think you need to find a great brokerage, find a good managing broker who can take you through the process of the paperwork ... and hold you accountable to give the best service there is to offer,” Hartman said. “Today, there are a lot of virtual brokerages and the nature of a real estate agent is to be very independent because you are working independently of that brokerage although you are tied to them. Sometimes the isolation or the ability not to seek that information out at the time makes it harder.

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