SMITHVILLE — Northlanders have a new place to order their Taco Supreme and Nachos BellGrande with the opening of Taco Bell, 15700 U.S. Highway 169, in the Smithville Marketplace shopping district.

“My favorite is actually the chicken quesadilla,” Vice President of Operations Melissa Lindsey said.

This new location, the 61st Taco Bell in the Kansas City market owned by Diversified Restaurant Group, opened Dec. 26 with wide success, Lindsey said.

The business has employed 27 individuals from the area with plans to ultimately hire more than 30. Lindsey oversees the employees.

“I live just outside of Smithville, so I’m getting to know the community,” Lindsey said. “I was able to be there the first week of opening and it was great being able to talk to people and meet our customers. Everyone has made us feel welcome here.”

In addition to traditional ordering options like a drive-thru, the Smithville Taco Bell has a computer ordering system inside for guests to use and offers delivery through GrubHub and DoorDash. Lindsey said orders also can be made online for carryout at

Thinking more outside the shell in regards to providing a service to the community, employees have opportunities for LivMas scholarships to help pay for higher education. The community is also invited to utilize Taco Bell for fundraisers, school events or party packs, Lindsey added.

“We are trying to become part of the community, ... making people aware of everything Taco Bell has to offer,” the vice president said. “It’s a great little community, and it is going to be exciting to see the area grow. ... We have an opportunity to be a part of the growth and we are excited to be here.”

Northwest Editor Sean Roberts can be reached at or 389-6606.

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