Textured Décor joins historic Square shops

Textured Decor owner Courtney Vandendaele sits in one of the chairs for sale in her store that is a part of one of her displays including pillows and wall hangings.

LIBERTY — Courtney Vandendaele welcomes people to come into her store on the Liberty Square and gently touch the handmade blankets or pillows. The store also includes vases, baskets, accent rugs, table runners, furniture, candle holders and dining table accents. There also is a kids’ section.

Textured Décor opened five days before Christmas and then Vandendaele started settling into her weekly hours of Wednesday through Saturday.

“I love it on the historic Square and want to get more involved in this great community,” she said.

The mom of two puts forth her motto in the store, “A textured home is a cozy home.”

“I majored in fashion at MU and originally planned on being a buyer,” she said. “Then I married and had children. I discovered I have a passion for interior decorating. About a year ago, I got my real estate license. It seemed logical to marry the two together. I would like to get into more home staging and help clients sell their homes.”

Entering the bright shop, Vandendaele’s inspiration may be seen.

“I buy the things I like,” she said. “I buy the items that are trending. Neutrals are super popular now. I’m a color lover at heart so I can show people how to add a pop to their décor. Of course, the blacks and whites are still popular too.”

Her first experience at market came in January when she visited Las Vegas and about 5 million square feet of vendor space.

“It’s always great to see the coming trends,” Vandendaele said.

The blankets and some of the other textiles are made in India, while the baskets come from Africa.

“The handmade movement is another I like to support,” she said. “I have added some local artists to the mix too. You can feel the difference in the quality than say, what you will find in those box stores.”

Vandendaele describes her personal aesthetic as modern eclectic.

“I like conversation pieces,” she explained. “I believe people can find them here. That’s why I wanted to create a store where people can pick up a single piece or several. I also have a range of price points because I want to see affordable items for customers.”

The store will be evolving over time, she said.

“We will add a few more tables and other pieces of furniture,” she said. “The store is an evolution as I bring in new artists and more items. That will be fun for customers as they look forward to what I might be adding next. I believe homes should have pretty things so I want to help people have those pretty things.”

Southeast Editor Kellie Houx can be reached at kellie.houx@mycouriertribune.com or 389-6630.

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