LIBERTY — In December 2021, the Liberty Police Department reported 16 thefts from motor vehicles and 17 stolen vehicles. Capt. Andy Hedrick, the department’s public information officer, said some of these vehicles were left unlocked with keys inside, but some had forced entry.

“Thieves take advantage of easy opportunities,” he said. “Removing valuables and locking vehicles are the best things people can do to help prevent theft from vehicles and stolen cars."

The number of stolen vehicles is more than double the previous year's. 

"That concerns us,” said Hedrick. “It’s the time of the year when people leave their cars running, parked in front of their houses or in front of convenience stores. They are getting ready to go to work and they are warming up their cars.”

Hedrick said stealing and thefts can happen anywhere there are vehicles, which can include neighborhoods, shopping centers, apartment complexes, gyms, churches, sporting and recreation events and restaurants.

To make it more difficult for thieves intent on stealing, Liberty Police offers five tips:

• Always lock your vehicle and never leave your car running unattended, even if you plan to be away from your vehicle for only a minute such as going inside a convenience store.

• Remove all valuables (wallets, purses, cellphones, weapons, money, medications, spare keys, etc.)

• Remove, hide or temporarily disable the garage door opener as this is a key to your home.

• Lock the glove compartment with your insurance and identification information inside.

• Park in a garage or a well-lit area.

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