Liberty city departments add new vehicles, equipment

Additional work during the repaving of the Liberty Community Center’s parking lot added $13,600 to the projected budget, but the whole project still came in under the initial $150,000.

LIBERTY — The Liberty City Council approved some purchases at the Monday, Sept. 14 meeting, replacing vehicles, city needs and other equipment for various departments at almost $1.2 million allocated.

For the fire department, one of the staff vehicles used for the fire chief, support services chief, fire marshal, shift commander or general utility is being purchased. The replacement schedule is set at six years or 80,000 miles, whichever occurs first. The 2020 Ford F-250 4WD, including truck topper, is $23,399.

Sherri McIntyre, the public works director, had the order with Central Salt of $81,000 approved which will aid the city during the winter season.

Utilities Director Andy Noll had his request for the department’s Freightliner dump truck approved. This $95,400 truck will aid in “higher payload capacity than the current truck.” The department will also gain a skid loader at $84,729 and an excavator for $125,658.

With COVID-19, the city’s street maintenance program was put on hold. However, the council approved $750,000 for a fall portion of the program.

“With contractors booked back up and late fall temperature limitations, we may not see much work until the spring of 2021,” McIntyre said.

Due to an unexpected repair with the parking lot at the Liberty Community Center, an additional $13,600 was needed additionally for the repaving costs.

However, it still comes in under the $150,000 projected budget at $131,056, said Donna Kay Taylor, assistant director of recreation.

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