SMITHVILLE — Enough consensus on medical marijuana facilities has been reached to achieve zoning in Smithville.

With no comments offered by the public, the Board of Aldermen approved the zoning at its Monday, April 1, meeting. Dispensaries will be designated to business zone 3, near relatively high-traffic areas. All grow facilities are zoned industrial, the zone furthest from residential areas.

Medical marijuana facilities are prohibited in agricultural areas, but home growth for personal use will be permitted anywhere in the city, according to the state constitutional amendment passed by Missouri voters in November 2018.

All facilities must be at least 1,000 feet, or three football fields, away from any school, church or daycare.

Smithville aldermen passed these zoning regulations 4 to 1 with Ward 1 Alderman Josh Hurlbert dissenting. Ward 1 Alderman Melissa Wilson was absent.

“My feeling is I’d like to have a little more control through zoning than what we’ve got,” Hurlbert said. “It’s too wide, and I’d like to narrow it down a bit.”

During a previous meeting, Hurlbert had proposed to create a new zoning district, business zone 5, which could then be drawn on the map and serve as medical marijuana zones. Wilson was in favor of sending the discussion back to Planning and Zoning, but the motion died on the floor.

“It would allow us to, more tailor (the zones to) the needs of a medical marijuana facility than what we currently have,” Hurlbert said. “That’s where I stand on it.”

All zoning can be reviewed and changed by alderman majority at a later date.

Northwest Editor Sean Roberts can be reached at or 389-6606.

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