New city staffer 'thrives' in small town environment

Brittanie Propes is excited about her new role as recreation and marketing manager for Smithville. Her goals are to build and expand current programs while also creating new ones for all ages and abilities.

SMITHVILLE — Residents may have noticed a new face seen wandering around Smithville at different community gatherings and the local parks office.

Commuting from Liberty, Brittanie Propes has been working for the city for a couple of months as the new recreation and marketing manager. Propes said she thrives in a small town environment.

“I feel like it is a perfect combination of both of my previous jobs,” she said. “My job history that I’ve had is on the recreation side as well as the marketing side, so having both of those in one world is really ideal.”

Propes graduated from Park University with a focus in communications and broadcasting. During her time there and extending after she graduated, Propes worked at the YMCA in North Kansas City. Then, Propes was hired as the operations manager for the Excelsior Springs Community Center, which she also helped open.

“I was part of the team planning and preparing, and then opening and operating the community center there,” she said.

Before being hired in the role she fills now, Propes was able to build her communications skills doing social media and digital marketing for a marketing agency in Kansas City. Her various roles have amounted to seven to 10 years of experience.

“I think that having a background in fitness and recreation has really prepared me to grow the current programs that the Smithville Parks and Recreation Department is offering, as well as expand on those programs,” Propes said. “I’m looking forward to starting more fitness and wellness programs in the community. I would like to offer classes for all ages and all abilities. Something that I’m working on right now is a partnership with a couple local exercise instructors.”

Propes said she would also like to start community clubs and organize senior-based group exercise classes at the Senior Center when things with coronavirus are more contained.

“After spending my first few weeks in Smithville, I love how it’s such a close-knit community,” she said. “Everyone really wants to collaborate on projects and everyone has the same vision. Everyone wants to make the community better and to be really progressive with programs. … It feels like it is the whole community working towards the same goal.”

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