New home for second Gardner senior housing project found

This illustration shows the new site plan for the Gardner Capital senior housing complex, to be located near Fairview Cemetery off Lawrence Street and North Grove Terrace in Kearney. The site is a replacement for the failed location of the 50-unit development originally sought by the company to be located near Kearney Elementary School and Jamestowne subdivision.

KEARNEY — A plan for another senior living complex in Kearney has a new site after a 2017 plan for the complex to be located by Kearney Elementary School fell apart in October after receiving a staunchly negative reception by nearby residents.

Aldermen approved a resolution of support Monday, March 5, that will allow Gardner Capital, which also developed Centerville Cottages behind Price Chopper on Watson Drive, to develop a 50-unit senior housing complex that will consist of one- and two-bedroom units and a community building.

The development, called The Reserves at Grove Terrace, will be located off Lawrence Street and Grove Terrace near the city’s old lagoon property and Fairview Cemetery.

The location is a replacement site for a plan proposed in the fall to be located near the northern section of Jamestowne subdivision on property owned by the school district.

While the deal has yet to be finalized, current details state the company is in contract to purchase a local family’s house and property adjacent to the cemetery and nearly 5.5 acres of the city’s old lagoon property.

The city is estimating selling the property for $100,000, which averages out to about $18,000 per acre, more than the current area sale rate and values, according to Mayor Bill Dane.

Deal details also state the city will deeded approximately 2 acres of the private homeowner land purchased by Gardner for future expansion of Fairview Cemetery, as well as retain public access to the city’s remaining 16.5 acres of park ground adjacent to the housing development.

The development is seeking low-income housing tax credits to aid in development costs. The units would be available to residents with incomes at or below 60 percent of the area’s median income, which stands at less than $30,000 annually.

At the Monday aldermanic meeting, Dane said he thought the project would be great for the city and its residents.

In previous communication with the board via email, City Administrator Jim Eldridge called the project “a great deal” and one he would recommend.

Gardner’s Senior Vice President of Development Mike Williams said the project is needed, as Centerville Cottages currently has a wait list of about 50 residents, and that he is happy about the opportunity to continue offering affordable housing to those who need it most.

Williams added that the development is working with area resources including the Kearney Community Foundation to make sure seniors in the complex will have access to and awareness of resources available to them in the local community.

“We’re real excited about the opportunity to come back to Kearney,” he said.

Northwest Editor Amanda Lubinski can be reached at or 903-6001.

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Kearney Senior Citizens Housing

sure the City is in favor - they will get $100,000 for land they could never sell otherwise We are getting overloaded with senior housing - city gives no thought to this - only listens to someone that says there waiting list has 50 people don't believe it. I sure hope they are able to pay the utilities - with water and sewer going up - and the demand charge on electricity, its about to kill us.

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