SMITHVILLE — The newest addition to Smithville city staff comes to the community from Kansas with 34 years of experience. Public Works Director Chuck Soules said he is eager to hit the ground running with many projects on the horizon including park updates, trails and wastewater improvements.

Soules will be working on roads and utilities in addition to parks and other opportunities as the city grows. Soules is a licensed engineer with a bachelor’s in civil engineering from the University of Missouri — Rolla.

“Smithville has a lot going on,” Soules said. “I like to be energetic, … I’m really excited to get moved in and start getting things done.”

The public works director has been getting familiar with the city budget, meeting city staff and aldermen and attending meetings including the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce.

“I need to get to know my staff and what the expectations of the community are,” Soules said.

When he’s not serving Smithville, Soules spends time with his wife of 38 years, Cheri; and his dog, Daisy. The couple has three daughters in Lawrence, Kansas, three grandchildren and a son in Colorado.

“I like to run,” Chuck said. “I try to sign up (for marathons) with my kids. My one daughter runs eight miles a day. She beat me the last time.”

Currently living in Kansas close to the grandchildren, Chuck said he likes to work on flipping houses in his spare time and that may be what leads him to property ownership in Smithville.

“I have been looking,” he said. “I probably wouldn’t buy a new house, but if there was one that fit the bill, … I’m keeping my eyes open.”

Northwest Editor Sean Roberts can be reached at or 389-6606.

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