Public works director joins Liberty during COVID-19

Sherri McIntyre joined the city of Liberty staff as the new public works director.

Sherri McIntyre joined the city of Liberty staff as the new public works director.

LIBERTY — Sherri McIntyre is the city of Liberty’s new public works director. She started May 1 when the city had its city hall doors closed to the public due to COVID-19.

The Northland resident comes from Kansas City, where she spent eight years as the city’s public works director and a total of 18 years.

“I wanted to come to a smaller city,” she said. “There’s good stability in Liberty. That rings true with the city staff and its residents. The people here put the city first and they have the best intentions. There’s respect from all avenues from the frontline employees to the city council. People are respectful.”

McIntyre has been an award-winning staff member, including winning the recent Public Works Leader of the Year from the Kansas City Chamber of the American Public Works Association. Donna Simmons, the administrative assistant, received the Public Works Excellence Award as well. Both awards are given for dedication and the improvement to the quality for those who live and work with the community.

“The biggest thing is to understand the culture,” she said. “It’s a lot of listening and learning what preferences exist around here. It’s about learning the intricacies of the department and the city. There are expectations of residents too. I want to make sure we are all falling in line with consistency across the board.”

McIntyre started her career with the Missouri Department of Transportation. Under her watch with Kansas City, she helped launch the streetcar.

Currently, there are not “huge” projects for McIntyre. The department has been handling street and storm sewer maintenance and some street repairs. Currently, there is a focus on street resurfacing and mowing.

“What we are we doing is to serve the community,” she explained. “The task every day is to do the right thing. I am sure we will be working on budget, which includes staffing, equipment and more. We have to look at the best ways to make sure we take care of everything from curb replacements to signals.”

McIntyre also claims she is fortunate as the former public works director, Andy Noll, has shifted to the role of utilities director.

“We also partner with other cities and have cooperative agreements to make salt purchases for winter,” she said. “With fall around the corner, the crews will check out the trucks and plows.”

Another aspect of her job is to oversee trash and yard waste.

“I helped a gentleman make a bulky item pickup appointment,” she said. “I am glad that we can help with that sort of personal touch. For me, it’s community happiness as well as the staff. If they are happy, it makes me happy. I like to give them thanks for the jobs they do. In this job, no two days are alike and they deserve the appreciation each day.”

Southeast Editor Kellie Houx can be reached at or 389-6630.

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