KEARNEY — The planning and zoning commission of Kearney has a new member after the Board of Aldermen appointed Shawn Warfield to the recommending board this month to replace Eric Shumate after Shumate had to resign due to outside work commitments. Warfield will fill an unexpired term of nine months.

Warfield was recommended for approval of city aldermen by Mayor Randy Pogue. Warfield is a 16-year resident of Kearney and had two children graduate from the school district. In addition, Warfield is actively involved in community action groups such as Kearney/Holt CAN and The Northland Coalition as well as active in her church.

Pogue said Warfield, in addition to her community engagement, was a good choice because she regularly attends aldermaic meetings, has a master's degree and cares about her community.

“Shawn can bring a new perspective to our planning and zoning board and I feel (she) will fit right in with our current board. I truly feel she has a desire to do great things for our city,” the mayor said.

In addition to serving several community organizations, Warfield has been employed by the North Kansas City School District since 2001.

The Kearney Planning and Zoning Commission is comprised of seven members that makes reports and recommendations related to the planning and development of the city to the Board of Aldermen. The commission hears and considers applications such as rezonings, site plans, preliminary and final plats and certain signs. The commission meets the second Tuesday of each month at City Hall.

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