Smithville considers banning flavored vape juices

Vape juices could be removed from Smithville stores.

SMITHVILLE — City leaders in Smithville, like those in Columbia and other Missouri communities, are beginning a conversation about possibly banning flavored ejuice. Ejuice is liquid used by electronic cigarettes or vapes to cause the vaporizer to produce vapor.

While debate surrounding medical issues possibly related to using vape products dominates portions of national news, the idea of banning flavored liquids has been supported by President Donald Trump, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Washington State Board of Health, which approved a 120-day emergency ban Wednesday, Oct. 9, according to the Seattle Times.

Smithville aldermen will begin the conversation during a work session scheduled for 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15. The meeting is open to the public.

Members of the Smithville Community in Action group favor a ban.

“Smithville could be the first community in Missouri to pass a restriction of flavorings,” a Tri-County Mental Health Services email states.

Other cities and states across the nation are also considering or have passed vape-related bans with some facing staunch opposition. In Washington, those opposed to a ban on flavored vaping products have been protesting, showing up with signs that state, “Vapor helped me quit smoking.”

In New York, a flavored vape ban was halted by the appellate court. A hearing in front of an Albany County Supreme Court judge is expected Friday, Oct. 18.

During Smithville’s Board of Aldermen Oct. 15 work session, city officials decided to postpone the discussion citing Gov. Mike Parson’s press conference held that morning rolling out a statewide campaign in addition to data showing the Tobacco 21 initiative passed in June has resulted in a decrease of vaping in school.

More detail on the possible Smithville ban and other vaping-related stories will be published in future editions of the Courier-Tribune.

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