SMITHVILLE — A strategic plan will be rolled out during a celebration from 10 a.m. to noon Nov. 9, in the Smithville schools Performing Arts Center, 645 S. Commercial Ave.

A think tank made up of Smithville stakeholders and members of the public were given multiple opportunities in 2019 to provide public input on how they would like to see the city develop in coming years. Feedback was gathered in a variety of ways including focus groups, a youth group presentation, web surveys and meetings with community groups. Data was then compiled by Future IQ with a report made available online.

Of 22 total priorities listed from residents and stakeholders, the top five centered on economic and amenities growth, specifically more attraction of businesses including restaurants and retail offerings and capitalizing on having Smithville Lake as a nearby attraction.

The report shows a majority of respondents overall also want revitalized and more modern infrastructure in a city that also maintains its small-town feel.

These two themes were dubbed “Your evolving oasis,” and “All that and a Lake.” The oasis aims to create an economy focused on recreation and healthy business, a community focused on school-aged children and developing an idyllic location to raise them, environmental sustainability and education.

All that and a lake focuses on a future where Smithville is invested in modernization and connectivity, new technology and quality amenities like free WiFi for all, affordable housing and welcomes a younger, diverse population.

Topics at reconvening of the think tank this fall delved further into the themes with discussions and input centering on strategic pillars of enhanced recreation and connectivity, diverse housing and neighborhood options, economic development and sense of community, Assistant City Administrator Nickie Lee said.

The complete report is available on the city’s website,, by selecting “strategic planning” from the drop-down menu under the community tab.

Northwest Editor Sean Roberts can be reached at or 389-6606.​

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