#LetThemPlay rally draws 150 to Liberty

About 150 people from Liberty and beyond joined together outside Liberty's District Administration Building Tuesday, Aug. 18 to rally for the start of fall contact sports to begin on schedule. A decision has not yet been made.

In a letter to Clay County school districts, Director of Clay County Public Health Center Gary Zaborac offered new options related to playing contact sports in the fall.

What has brought hundreds of county citizens out for #LetThemPlay rallies throughout the area has kept Northland school districts collaborating and brainstorming with CCPHC to find a way for fall contact sports to remain on a traditional schedule despite risks of coronavirus.

"As you are aware, we have continued to meet with you to develop options the school districts may consider for your decisions regarding the beginning of fall sports. We greatly appreciate the strong collaborative relationship that exists between the health department and the districts," Zaborac's letter states. "Each school district and community in Clay County are unique. I’m sure we all agree a safe environment for all players and participants, protection of the general student population, faculty and staff, while continuing to provide a comprehensive quality education and school experience to all our children is the desired outcome."

Zaborac then supplied three options for school districts to consider in relation to a decision regarding fall sports, which ultimately falls on district leadership.

Option No. 1 is for districts to consider Missouri State High School Activities Association spring season options, which would shift fall contact sports to the spring and spring sports to the summer months ending July 10.

Option No. 2 would require all student athletes participating in contact sports to opt into their districts' virtual only option for at least the fall semester. Students could practice and play games following school district safety protocols, allowing for fall 2020 contact sports seasons to continue as scheduled. All other fall sports could proceed as normal.

Zaborac's final option is to proceed with fall sports as scheduled with COVID-19 precautions in place as determined by the district.

This is a developing story. More details will be published at mycouriertribune.com as they become available.

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