Little Dawg learning

Little Dawg Academy preschool student Caroline Searcy, daughter of Shawna and Jeff Searcy of Kearney, uses the Courier-Tribune to find the letters in her name as part of a class assignment. We at the CT are proud our community members use our products in their lessons. If your children use the newspaper as part of their education, snap a picture and send it with caption information to using #NewspapersinEducation and/or #AmericaNeedsJournalists.

This year marks the 80th anniversary of National Newspaper Week, Oct. 4 to 10. This year’s theme is “America Needs Journalists.”

For 174 years, we at the Courier-Tribune have been proud to answer that need.

Each week, the newspaper takes a deep look at and reports on many facets of the Northland including its governments, education, health, sports and the individuals that make the area a unique place to live, work and play.

With more than 80 years of combined experience between our publisher Sandy Nelson, editors Kellie Houx, Sean Roberts and Amanda Lubinski and reporter Mac Moore, our newsroom remains dedicated to bringing readers the news they need and information they deserve to make the best decisions they can for their families and themselves.

This has never been more true than in 2020, a year rife with struggle brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The newspaper helps people have a better understanding of our community, whether it’s investigating why city and county leaders make the decisions they make or detailing the emotions its citizens feel that lead to protests for racial equality and removal of Confederate monuments.

From community highs like a local team coming from behind to win the big game to community lows like fires and accidents that destroy property and take lives, the Courier-Tribune is there, chronicling it all and making an impact in our readers’ lives.

“We’ve seen readers take our paper’s election coverage into the voting booth with them. We’ve also gotten calls from shoppers seeking directions to the new business we highlighted in our Local Economy pages and visited with grandparents who want reprints of our photos for scrapbooks of their grandchildren’s academic and athletic accolades. We are proud to come to work each day to fulfill the need our community has for news and information,” said Lubinski, the Courier-Tribune’s managing editor.

We at the CT also celebrate and mourn with our readers. Throughout the year we get to say congratulations to couples who come to our office to place wedding, engagement and anniversary announcements. We also, at times, have to comfort readers who come to us because they didn’t know quite what to say in a beloved relative’s obituary.

A newspaper is a critical community need because it encourages a world of learning, supplying a balanced account of information and providing an outlet for differing views through comments, articles and editorials. Newspapers also fulfill the need businesses and organizations have to promote themselves and their events through advertising.

Sometimes the recognition we receive for these efforts comes in the form of the ever-satisfying subscription renewal. Sometimes it comes in an email of thanks or likes and shares on social media. Other times it comes from our peers, in the form of awards. For multiple years in a row, the Courier-Tribune has been named the state press association’s General Excellence winner for papers in its circulation size. This is a nod to the strong reporting, photography and design work our journalists do each week.

These examples of appreciation show the symbiotic relationship the paper has with its readers and its journalists with their peers.

Thank you to our readers and customers for trusting us to answer the need for strong community journalism.

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